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Share books — and a laugh — with your children

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Sharing a laugh with your child while sharing a good book is a forever memory. Here are some picture books and chapter books that will bring merriment into your hearts. Read and laugh. You’ll never forget.

“Laugh-Out-Loud Baby” By Tony Johnston and Stephen Gammell Ages 1-3

This book begs to be read aloud with a bit of a twang, as you learn about the “twinkly great-grandma” and the “wrinkly grandpa,” and everyone else who will do anything they can to make the baby laugh. Why? Because it’s “the sound of joy.” Gammell’s illustrations of this quirky country family add to the hilarious antics and ultimate “whoopee-doodles!”

“Let’s Sing a Lullaby with the Brave Cowboy” By Jan Thomas Ages 2-5

Every one of Jan Thomas’s picture books are laugh-out-loud funny. The latest tells of a cowboy who is trying to sing the cows to sleep. But terrifying creatures keep appearing such as a “huge, hairy spider” (a flower), a “slimy, slithering snake” (a stick), and a “large, lumbering bear” (a cow). When a wolf really does appear, well, you’ll just have to pick up this gem and see if the cowboy survives. And if you’re really feeling silly, be sure to sing along.

“Lulu Walks the Dogs” By Judith Viorst Ages 6-8

This book tells of “the loudest, rudest girl to ever shove her way into our hearts,” and how her determination to earn money earns her a reluctant friendship with irritating Fleischman, and the gratitude of three difficult dogs. Author Judith Viorst is well-known for her many funny books, as is the illustrator Lane Smith. “Lulu” is perfect for those who enjoy Junie B. Jones or Judy Moody.

“The Great Unexpected” By Sharon Creech Ages 9-12

Creech received the Newbery Medal for “Walk Two Moons.” Her latest couldn’t be more different in tone. Here we meet two orphans, Naomi and Lizzie, as different as two best friends can be. They live in Blackbird Tree, an odd town filled with very odd characters. Everything gets even odder when a boy drops out of a tree and into their lives. Somehow Creech weaves together that boy, three rooks, an old lady in Ireland and a fear of dogs into this rumble-tumble story of hidden secrets and enduring love.

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