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Assault rifles should be locked up

Alistair McBain /

It seems that both sides of the fence on gun control are at loggerheads and not finding any common ground.

When asked why anyone needs a semi-automatic rifle like the AR-15, the majority of owner replies coming back inform us that they are protected by the Second Amendment, and the right to bear arms protects against future tyranny from the government.

It is clear from reports via the Internet that the AR-15 is not the weapon of choice for home defense.

A handgun or the spray from a shotgun seems to be preferred, so the idea of having the AR-15 is kept to fight the unlikely event of tyranny.

All right, I see why they want to protect the Second Amendment, but what about the children dead in pools of blood who will never see the solution or even have the chance to air their thoughts?

It is true that the registered owners of these semi-automatic rifles are not always the shooters in mass killings, so it is time for the owner to be equally guilty for the actions.

I don’t care if you, the owner, have somehow let your child, brother or friend get their hands on your rifle: if he or she kills with it, you go to jail for a minimum of 10 years for negligence. We need personal responsibility.

If you purchase it and take it out into public circulation, then you are on the hook for it.

The courts will decide whether or not negligence was at hand.

My idea goes further.

Let’s make it mandatory that besides going through serious background checks, no semi-automatic rifles will leave the store until it is proven without a doubt that the registered owner-to-be of a killing machine like this has a keyless safe at home, or the weapon will not leave the store until one is purchased.

Let’s make it mandatory that all current owners of semi-automatic rifles must buy one of those safes within two months.

The safe keypad must not have less than 30 numbers, and the opening code, no less than 4 numbers.

If a man and wife each have one of those weapons, they must each have their own safe with their own personal code.

A further thought is that because of the costs of these safes, a lot of folks might not have the extra money to purchase one.

Well, let’s have a smaller, cheaper one, but bolted down and with the same keypad, that houses a part of the rifle, rendering it useless.

At least with the safe, your teenage son, brother or anyone else cannot get their hands on it.

Yes, that last sentence was personal, but nobody ever thinks one of their own can do such a thing. But some do.

So many folks are comparing school shootings and other mass killings to drinking and driving with cars as weapons, and/or gang members shooting each other.

My writing is to save the children, and prevent other mass killings by a single madman with a mission and intent to slaughter.

The DUII driver has no intention of going to a school and mowing down 20 kids and 6 adults with a car.

He has just made a huge mistake if he kills someone as he tries to get home and sleep off his situation.

The gang member is not out for mass killings of innocent people either — although it is sad that some, like the young girl, recently got caught in crossfire.

Perhaps this law could have thousands of AR-15 owners hand them in to authorities for starters before something happens.

Also, tyranny is not going to happen in seconds — unlike a home invasion — so there’s no need to have this rifle out of the safe.

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