Humane Society has no choice

I have read many letters condemning the Humane Society of Central Oregon for euthanizing animals.

I cannot keep my thoughts to myself any longer.

As a former executive director of six years, I feel compelled to comment.

Are people aware that HSCO is an “open” shelter? Do you know what that means? It means that it has a contract with the City of Bend and Deschutes County to take any animal that their animal control picks up as a stray. Many cities and counties have their own shelter, but we do not. Many “no-kill” shelters choose to be so, passing the difficult task and responsibility of choosing who may live and who may die to those shelters that have no choice.

Please recognize that there is a finite number of pets who unfortunately cross the threshold of a shelter. HSCO has no choice. They cannot “pass” the difficult choice on to someone else. No-kill shelters “choose” what they do, open shelters have no choice. No-kill shelters are passing the buck of responsibility onto someone else. No one wants to euthanize lovable and adoptable animals, but open shelters have no choice. There are only so many places to go, and until the general public understands the need to spay and neuter, this deplorable situation will continue.

Jan Griffin-Kundert


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