Roundabout makes no sense

I have attended many public meetings about placing a roundabout at the intersection of Reed Market Road and Southeast 15th Street and have voiced my concerns.

I oppose a roundabout at this intersection. I have not been given a good answer why the city is insisting on replacing the current traffic light. I have no objection to roundabouts, but placing one at one of the busiest intersections in town — and one that is repeatedly affected by train delays and heavy rush hour traffic — makes no sense.

The city has talked about plans to place signs or signals near the roundabout to warn of approaching trains in an attempt to mitigate the train’s influence on the roundabout gridlock.

This very fact is an admission that the roundabout is going to be a problem for drivers when a train is in the area.

The other issue is how long it will take to clear the roundabout after a train has blocked it. How long will it take for drivers going north-south on 15th Street to get through the intersection?

A city representative’s response is “we are hoping it will clear quickly.” Not very comforting. I’m hoping there won’t be a roundabout at this intersection.

One more thought: If the city keeps a traffic light at this intersection, it could save millions of dollars and thus the city could have money to complete the proposed 14th Street improvements.

Sandra Turek


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