Why choose the cat story?

Why did the editor choose The New York Times News Service article “Your cat is deadlier than you think”? It was reported that cats kill 2.4 billion birds and 12.3 billion mammals a year in the United States. Do you care? I don’t!

The Department of Fish and Wildlife, a government agency, said “We are absolutely stunned by the numbers, and they are shockingly high.”

Stunned? Shocked? Come on. Cats do what cats do. Kill birds. Kill mice, rats, voles. Kill squirrels and rabbits. Perhaps it doesn’t sound like a fair fight. But before you begin to dislike the cat, here is another number: Millions of cats are euthanized each year. Years ago they were killed, but euthanizing sounds so much nicer and different — though the result is the same to the cat. Years ago we had “barn cats” who lived by their wits and on an occasional pan of milk, fresh from the cow. Life was hard but they were free, doing what cats do.

So again, why did the editor choose this article from The New York Times, reporting “12.3 billion mammals killed by cats”?

Perhaps it’s a test. If we are “stunned” or “shocked” we cannot, we will not focus on the wars, the poverty, crime, corruption, etc.

Buck Blakeley


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