Jim Engels

We have long associated our country with firearms.

These tools were used to feed, protect and, most importantly, secure freedoms not only here but around the globe.

This doesn’t mean always for the good. It is simple fact.

As time went on, the tool has evolved as we have as a world populace and, in many cases, because of firearms’ existence.

We can never accept or justify the actions of the inexplicable and horrific acts by the few who decide to harm other people, adult or child.

It is also why we do not understand the brutal rape of a young girl in India, the mass killings in Mexico due to drugs, the genocide in many African countries — not to mention our own murders and other crimes in this country, by too many weapons to mention. This is mostly because the general population just does not think this way. We value life; we believe in life.

We talk and talk about old laws and new laws and how this will change if we do this or that. However, we seem to always miss the mark (sorry, I used one of those gun terms). I will get back to this later.

No law — against guns, drugs, alcohol, murder, rape, I could go on — has stopped or will ever stop individuals, groups, nations and society in general from from breaking these laws.

We have had some form of law and order, using this term very loosely, since the beginning of mankind. It started with the biggest, baddest caveman in the clan, and now it’s the biggest, of anything — country, people, group or individual around.

Our forefathers did not understand or foresee what we have come to, or what we have been able to develop — both for good and for bad. They could only use what they had at the time, and I personally think they did a hell of a job.

Yes, they could not have foreseen the advent of the weapons we have today, as they could not have foreseen the radio, TV or power grid, etc.

Let’s all take a step back from our individual ideas and look at it from their perspective. I truly believe they would look at music, drugs, video games, TV, movies, our way of communication (or lack of), the idols we worship (TV, movies, sports, etc.), mental health and, yes, guns. Too bad we don’t have this type of leadership; I do mean all of our leaders.

This sounds like utopia and we all know that is literally unattainable. The question, I believe, we all need to answer is why not try? This brings us back to the mark. In one man’s opinion, it is that we need to believe we can and that is the start; we must start!

We need to come together and achieve using knowledge, faith, intelligence, common sense and weighing all sides’ views. We need to stop refusing to see the other side’s point of view if we ever truly want to make a difference and solve today’s problems or at least make a dent in them.

I wish I was a fly on the wall when our forefathers were in that room because this is what I envision happened those many years ago and gave that start to a new country — a new idea in freedom and a society that cares more about itself than it does about each individual’s view to make that society the best, strongest and most caring it can ever be.

With laws that make sense for the times but will never infringe on the freedoms that those forefathers knew were the basis of why they came together, literally putting their lives on the line and creating them in the first place.