I have some well-meaning friends who lean left and think it is a good idea to outlaw so-called assault weapons. You may know that the Obama administration is trying to pass laws to find out all who have weapons with registration laws. I think we forget history, as it was an armed populace that kept Japan from attacking the mainland of the United States.

It was an armed populace that got us freedom from the king of England, and the Second Amendment is there so citizens can protect themselves from an overreaching government.

The best defense against a deranged person with a gun is a responsible person with a gun. Millions of responsible concealed carry owners stop crimes every day, and most times they do not have to fire their weapons. If we had armed pilots, they might have prevented many of the hijackings that we have had.

Imagine if concealed carry was allowed on planes and the pilots were armed. Would 9/11 have succeeded? Would they even have tried if they knew we are not all sitting ducks?

All shootings that have been in schools and theaters were in places where concealed carry was not allowed. Hasan knew the soldiers at Fort Hood were not armed.

The fact is our weapon superiority has kept the U.S. from being attacked, and under Reagan we broke the Soviet Union with capitalism without firing a shot.

Nils Kristiansen