When are humans going to learn they cannot control everything? For example, years ago, they put dams everywhere. Many years later, they realized that was not the thing to do environmentally.

Now we move on to the Bureau of Land Management policy on wild horses. Is BLM aware that most wild animals cull themselves?

They are saying that the wild horses ruin crops. From what I have seen going across the Warm Springs Reservation, there aren’t any crops. I have gone on the reservation and all I saw was shot-up signs, rusting cars and dilapidated houses.

It seems the hunters want to kill off the horses too. Why? Are the horses ruining their crops too?

If you want to go whale watching, you charter a whale-watching service. There are so many city kids who have never seen a real live wild horse. They only see what they think are wild horses on TV or in movies.

Why can’t you have a wild horse tour bus? Wow! People working and earning money. What a concept.

I believe we are really missing the boat here, folks. We need to be the stewards of this Earth — not destroyers.

Carol Tomlinson