Ed Barbeau

‘If you repeat a lie often enough it becomes truth,” said Joseph Goebbels.

This is the way some of the writers of anti-gun letters sound to me. It’s amazing how the truth about our Founding Fathers’ reasons for the Second Amendment are twisted into something bearing no semblance of reality.

For example, one of our most anti-gun letter writers brings up machine guns and bazookas or rocket launchers and says we have no right to own them. Well, if you have a class three license, you actually can own machine guns. One lie corrected.

But that’s not important here; I know of no one who wants a bazooka. It’s about the gun ownership of our law-abiding citizens and why it’s important to us, and why our Founding Fathers made it the second guaranteed freedom.

The truth is that our Founding Fathers had enough of the English system of complete domination over its people. They recognized that if you could defend yourself and band together with others against tyranny, you could truly be free. Hence the wording about militia.

Some howl at this, but it’s the truth behind the Second Amendment. Citizens, armed with their own guns, defending their rights against invaders and their own government. If you say it can’t happen, tell it to Japanese-Americans in WWII.

Let’s talk about assault rifles for a minute. First, a semi-automatic rifle is not an “assault rifle.” No military would use that as such. They only use fully automatic rifles. Another lie corrected.

One writer says that the “assault rifle” ban was legal. Well, it wasn’t done by executive order, either. Could you imagine if a Republican president said that he was going to ban abortions, simply by executive order? Wow! The last assault rifle ban was simply ineffective. Since very few gun deaths occur with assault rifles (remember, this is your term for them) and they are in almost every case, gang-related, it had no impact.

Gun-free zones should be banned. Where else do you think these massacres are happening? These lunatics know that it is a perfect killing field. In Colorado, that guy passed two theaters and went to the only one with a gun-free zone. And as we have seen in all of these massacres, the presence of an opposing gun made the killers commit suicide.

In Clackamas, a 22-year-old with a concealed carry permit pulled his weapon but did not fire due to the crowd. Some reports indicate he was seen by the killer, who then shot himself. How many lives were saved by one concealed permit holder that day?

Sadly, some writers think that guns are the problem and should be forceably taken away from law-abiding citizens, or, at the very least, forceable registration and regulation of gun type should exist.

Since this has been done in England and Australia, can we look at them to see what the results would be? They totally confiscated guns; however, home invasions have tripled and gun violence by gangs is on the rise.

And teachers should not be required to carry weapons, but like our airline pilots, should be allowed to carry.

I’m tired of the silly stereotypes given to law-abiding, Constitution-loving people like me by people that don’t know the Constitution, haven’t read the Federalist papers and push their own ideas as if they were smarter than our Founding Fathers. I have one message to all of the fluffy bunnies out there who hate guns: You may not believe in God, it’s your right; you may not believe in the right to own a gun, it’s your choice. But if someone enters your home late at night, the first two things you’ll do is call someone with a gun and pray they get there in time.