What’s going up?

David Fisher / The Bulletin /

What: Avion Water Co. pipeline expansion

Where: Ward Road, between Bear Creek Road and Highway 20

Engineer: Jason Wick, Avion vice president

Contact: 382-5342

Details: Before they can grow, new subdivisions need water.

Avion Water Co., the major provider of water to homes in southern and eastern sections of Bend and its rural environs, is installing 4,000 feet of oversized 24-inch waterline along Ward Road a mile east of 27th Street, trying to keep ahead of rapid growth on the city’s northeast side, said Avion Vice President Jason Wick.

All of Avion’s water comes from the southern end of the city, where it’s pumped from underground aquifers into reservoirs off China Hat Road and in Deschutes River Woods. The new line, along with a larger line that was installed a few years ago along Hamby Road, will help bring more water to Avion’s customers in the northeast ends of its service region, which extends to the area around Cooley Road and Highway 97.

All customers in the system get about 60 pounds per square inch of water pressure when they initially open their taps, Wick said, but some customers in northeast areas are experiencing a drop-off in pressure once their taps have been open for awhile. The new line will help reduce the pressure drop-off, Wick said, along with providing more water flow for future expansion.

Avion, one of the largest privately owned water companies in the state, currently serves about 10,200 customers, Wick said. It has enough water rights to accommodate around 3,000 to 4,000 more.

— David Fisher

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