Train like a warrior

Martin Rooney’s 12-week diet and exercise program uses the language of combat — and models that look like ultimate fighters — to show you how to get that fierce, toned-up look, or at least a trimmer you.

In “Warrior Cardio,” Rooney says the most effective way to burn fat and build muscle is interval training: sprints, free-weight circuits and exercises using your body weight, such as push-ups interspersed with claps. His program also includes a nutritional plan focused on a healthful balance of protein, vegetables, fruit and whole grains, complete with recipes. For those interested in just working out, there are lots of pictures. Each exercise — from the mini plyo hop (small, quick hops performed in a pattern similar to hopscotch) to the Zercher lunge (performed with a barbell in the crooks of your elbows) — is broken down and demonstrated by some very buff guys.

— The Washington Post

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