As a recent refugee from the I-5 parking lot that is the Seattle/Tacoma area, I could not agree more with the thoughtful July 17 In My View column that Jon Stewart wrote about the necessity and sanctity of urban growth boundaries. What Oregon has done so right is to put a muzzle on the developers that want to devour every available acre of the magnificent desert surrounding us.

It makes me sad to remember the beautiful flower farms and forests that used to line the highway to Puyallup, Wash. In some overeager boom period, all that was lost to soulless row-upon-row of monopoly style apartment houses. We can do so much better than that.

It also seems sadly reckless to look around town here and see so many erstwhile developments that got utilities strung out to hundreds of lots that ultimately bankrupted the original developer and now serve as an eyesore reminder to all of us willing to learn a lesson that bubbles really do burst.

Before we have to battle the zombie apocalypse of unfettered development, let’s concentrate on filling in what was started a decade ago. Build out those subdivisions that are primed and ready to go. Leave alone the county land beyond the UGB until we have saturated the interior. We Oregonians have a proud history of doing things right in this regard, as Stewart so carefully illustrated. Let’s continue this strong stand to preserve the treasure of our environment; it’s our sanctuary and our legacy.

Margi Legowik