What wonderful news about the Oregon State University-Cascades Campus and degree offerings in The Bulletin on July 25.

Scheduled to expand in fall 2015, the campus will offer many local students and others a chance for a college education and better potential in the job market.

A comment on education: In California after WWII, many veterans took advantage of college training with G.I. Bill financial support. Other students took advantage of free or low-cost college costs. I took this path as a veteran of the Korean War.

We know the results. A booming California economy and a vibrant middle class. Later in the 20th century, college costs increased dramatically. The vibrant economy and middle class suffered. Presently, college costs are astronomical. Hopefully, Oregon can offer educational opportunities and find a way to help control costs. Perhaps the future employers and businesses that need trained workers can assist and give guidance in this area. The future awaits.

Conrad Weiler

Camp Sherman