I, for one, am tired of all the second guessing of the jury in the George Zimmerman trial. In my opinion, Zimmerman is an intellectually lacking lawman “wannabe,” but I don’t know his intent on that fateful day. However, the legally empowered jury surely was made aware of the most minute details of the case, and juries, after all, are presumably the bedrock of our widely acclaimed system of jurisprudence, which includes “trial by jury of one’s peers” and a “presumption of innocence.” A juror’s task is demanding, and I abhor the demeaning of their verdicts, especially when our President intimates through his sanctimonious drivel that the jury’s verdict was somehow improper. And, of course, his sycophants, his attorney general, Al Sharpton, et al. then started their divisive racial discrimination efforts. Where, pray tell, were they and their ilk when O.J. was acquitted of the near decapitation of his white wife?

Surely causes folks like me to wonder!

Mac McFarland