Sheriff updates evacuation orders for Browns Creek/Wickiup fire

The evacuation order for North Twin Lake and South Twin Lake campgrounds, imposed Sunday during a fire at Wickiup Reservoir, has been lifted, according to the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office.

However, Forest service Road 42 from 4260 Road to Cascade Lakes Highway remains closed. Traffic will be allowed westbound to the intersection of the 4270 road but no farther.

All camping, dispersed as well as campground, is closed on the west side of the 4260 Road to Wickiup Reservoir. This includes the Ship Bridge campground to the Gull Point Campground. The Gull Point campground is open.

All camping is closed from the west shore of the Deschutes Arm of Wickiup Reservoir, south to the Davis Arm of the Wickiup Reservoir and to the east side of Cascade Lakes Highway.

Forest Service roads 4280, 700, 730, 760, 700 and the 100 spur off of the 4280 Road are closed. These areas will have Forest Service personnel stationed at road closures and will be patrolled by sheriff's deputies and Forest Service officers.

Campers who were required to leave during the initial evacuation will be allowed back into the area to retrieve equipment with a Forest Service escort only. This process will begin at 10 a.m Tuesday as follows: Travel the Cascade Lakes Highway to the intersection of Forest Service Road 42. Do not travel Forest 42 as it will be blocked at the Crane Prairie Junction. Forest Service personnel will escort individuals into and out of the area to retrieve property and items that were left behind. This process will continue until the area is re-opened and or all property has been removed.

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