If a person writing about the Zimmerman-Martin case says Trayvon Martin was a child, it is easy to believe that he/she believes that Trayvon was murdered.

To be sure, legally he was a child, meaning he wasn’t old enough to drink or vote.

But this definition of “child” doesn’t take into account the height, weight and physical development of a person. I have not seen the height, weight or body development of 17-year-old Trayvon.

There is evidence of a beating on George Zimmerman’s body in the form of multiple abrasions and cuts on the back of his head (A professional witness for the prosecution said they were not significant?), and a grossly bloody nose.

It is not rational to think that anybody else, other than Zimmerman, with these injures, would call for help.

Trayvon’s death is a tragedy. I offer my sympathy to his family and friends, but I think the citizens of this nation must accept this case as determined by a jury.

Edward Hohensee