Last year, I took a walk around the shore of North Twin Lake, about two miles. There were several trees fallen and blocking the trail from the snow loads the previous winter. I called the Forest Service office and reported that the trail was blocked by the trees, and that sections of the trees blocking the trail should be cut out to prevent injury.

Recently, I walked around it again. The same trees were blocking the trail, and several more from last winter were added to the count. The largest is a monster yellow pine that has thick limbs growing out of its side that require leaving the trail, and circling up a steep side hill to get around it and get back to the trail.

I realize that the Forest Service has a big load of things to do every year, especially during the fire season, and that they have to assign priorities of work to be done. But holy moly, Superman, you are charged with providing campgrounds and trails that are safe to use. Two men with a chain saw could clear the trail in a day’s time. Why are you waiting for someone to be injured or killed before acting?

Gary Will

La Pine