Thanks to David Horn for continuing the time-honored tradition of moving to Oregon from California to let all of us know what is wrong with our state.

Unlike in California, our local newspapers make mistakes, our dog leash laws are authoritarian and the local mountain bikers who spend countless hours building and maintaining the trails around Bend for all to enjoy are indeed incredibly thoughtless and dangerous. And yes, our education system is broken and our state politicians are all without backbones.

I noticed you didn’t mention the awful 45 mph speed limit on the parkway, which tends to be a sore spot for many of your former neighbors who move up here, but maybe you can mention that in your next lesson to us on what we Oregonians need to do to make this a better place to live.

Again, thank goodness we have so many like you who volunteer to leave that perfect utopian society down south and come up to Oregon to point out all our faults.

Gregg Swanson