George Zimmerman actually had an unfair trial; no grand jury, trumped-up murder charge, hostile judge and a rabid prosecution. The media condemned him in the court of public opinion. Thankfully he was acquitted by a jury, because of reasonable doubt, and belief in Zimmerman’s claim of self-defense. So now the world implodes. You would think everyone would accept this result while not liking it necessarily and go home and think about it. No, DOJ has to look into it to see if Trayvon’s civil rights were violated; what about George Zimmerman’s civil rights?

We now have race baiters stirring the pot over the verdict. This is predictable, but who are all these others protesting? We have leftist students, progressives, communists, anarchists, occupiers and neo-hippies out in force using this opportunity to foment hot summer riots and lawlessness. Trayvon is supposed to be the reason for the season, but they are telling the crowds to go get the rich white people and battle the police. They are destroying property, stealing stuff and hurting people. Trayvon is just an excuse for violent anti-capitalist demonstrations and mayhem.

Most of white America is color blind; my parents would not allow racial slurs, swearing or cussing in their presence, and our public schools taught us not to stereotype and prejudge. I’m comfortable around people of different shades, but not around people who strut around with a bad attitude. Americans have made great strides in obliterating racism, but victim mentality grows like mold.

Andre Pinette