In recent news articles regarding the possible termination of Matt Montoya as principal at Bear Creek Elementary, Montoya’s wife is quoted: “He has done nothing unethical,” and her husband “was told the termination is related to his job performance.” That is hard to believe when you compare what he has accomplished at that school in such a short time. When people say that Montoya “is such a huge part of the school, it would take a lot to get someone in there who’s comparable to him,” I begin to see a contradiction here.

One article says that Montoya served in Arizona as a vice principal one year and a principal for three years; now, in Bend, for three more years; a total of seven years of professional experience. From what is being said by many people he seems to be a valuable asset to the school district and to Bend, not a reject or a failure.

To move to a new state, a new community and to establish a home for your family is difficult. You just don’t suddenly tell a professional person to quit and move on. That is immoral and unethical. This man has a mortgage and a family to support. I thought Bend was always a friendly town to live in? Where is the hospitality? Is this “bullying” a good example to our school kids?

The school board needs a “lesson” in being more resourceful here than just terminate a valuable man, destroying his career and life.

Hans and Linvia Kaumans