Your apparent outrage over Obama’s decision to delay the “mandate” in the Affordable Care Act for companies with over 50 employees is naive. An opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal by Michael McConnell stating that this was a violation of the Constitution seems to be the source of your editorial. McConnell is a senior fellow of the Hoover Institution, a well-known, right-wing think tank.

Maybe it was unconstitutional. Ho hum. What country have you been living in? John Yoo, in his infamous “torture memo,” essentially wrote that the president can do anything he wants. So I guess the precedent has been set. No one can name a president who has not violated the Constitution. The worst offenders have probably been two of our greatest presidents, Lincoln and FDR. Maybe Darrell Issa will start impeachment hearings, so this do-nothing Congress can do even less.

The ACA has been a thorn in The Bulletin’s side since it passed as law, and then was upheld in a Supreme Court decision. Every chance you get, you have another silly editorial about how bad it will be, without it even being implemented. I haven’t heard word one from you about the stupidity of the House voting to repeal the ACA over 30 times, and our representative from Central Oregon voting for repeal every time. Why not chew out Rep. Greg Walden and his ineffectual colleagues for wasting millions of taxpayer dollars to bring these dead-on-arrival bills to a vote?

Alan Pachtman