Kudos and hearty congratulations to The Bulletin for publishing an article concerning a most pressing issue of medication. Conversations today often center around which meds doctors prescribe and how so many of them are harmful, useless or have objectionable side effects.

The article was so accurate in describing the ultra persistence of the pharma reps and their cryptic manner of not being known by name. I’ve noticed these reps in doctors’ offices and they appear to have priority over patients’ valuable time with the doc.

Sounds like a highly organized huge conglomerate with the AMA selling the doctors’ prescriber numbers to the drug firms. Sounds like big business. I was led to believe that every physician took a solemn oath indicating that he or she would maintain high moral standards, would concentrate on healing, and would without a doubt rise above accepting unethical “bribes.” The words “underground economy” got my attention, which more than ever is reminiscent of profiteering. Is this legal?

If more doctors followed suit to what Dr. Evans and Dr. Lieuallen are doing banning pharma reps, perhaps, in time, the reps would be put out of business and eventually the domino effect would cause a negative blow to the pharmaceutical industry. Doctors of this ilk are to be highly respected. They truly deserve their title of doctor of medicine.

Bambi Curtis