Where were you in 1915? A tier named Ron Steenrod was at his fly-tying desk, where he created the Light Hendrikson, named after one of his best customers. The fly was intended to represent a female mayfly. After he built the Light, he created the Dark, to cover the rest of the suggestive spectrum. Ninety-eight years later, it is still a good choice on a summer evening when rise rings dimple the surface of an eddy.

Use the Dark Hendrikson as a searching pattern in advance of an expected hatch. Use a long, light leader and let the fly drift drag-free.

Tie the Dark Hendrikson with grey thread on a No. 12-18 dry fly hook. For the tail, use dark dun cock hackle fibers. Wrap the body with a dubbed dark muskrat or synthetic. Tie in a wing of wood duck fibers and finish with a dark dun hackle.

— Gary Lewis, for The Bulletin