Linda Cicero / The Miami Herald

Q: An older man in my condo building has been learning to cook since his wife passed away. He asked if I knew how to make what his wife called “Dear Abby Chicken.” I had not heard of this, but knew you’d track it down. I’d love to make it for him.

A: The recipe is so simple even a beginning cook can make it. I have to admit I was skeptical about the ingredient combination the first time I made this. But it does turn out moist and delicious. I found the recipe in a booklet titled “Dear Abby’s Favorite Recipes,” published in 1987.

Q. Marzetti’s had a vinaigrette type dressing called orange splash that was delicious on mixed greens with mandarin orange pieces and sweet onion. It disappeared from the shelves. ANY suggestions for a recipe I can make at home?

A: Don’t you just hate it when a favorite goes out of production? Happily, I think the recipe here will come close.