This soft-hackled wet fly blurs the line between an emergent caddis and the essence of a small minnow. Its partridge wing suggests life, motion and protein while the holographic body gives off the flash. The lightning could refer to the electricity in the rod handle at the take.

On the stream, fish the Soft Lightning on a wet fly swing. In deeper water, switch to a sink-tip. On still water, try this pattern on fluorocarbon tippet behind a slow-sinking line. Fish it all the way back to the boat or bank with a s-l-o-w lift of the rod.

Tie this pattern on a No. 8-12 wet-fly hook. For the tail, use partridge fibers. Wrap the body with gold holographic tinsel (2/3) and finish the body with gold holographic dubbing. Finish with a swept back Hungarian partridge hackle.

—Gary Lewis, For The Bulletin