I am a native Oregonian, residing in Salem but visiting family in North Platte, Neb., for a few weeks.

On June 15, I attended the final night of the Buffalo Bill Rodeo, part of the annual “NebraskaLand” celebrations. As I looked through the program, imagine my very pleasant surprise to see two Central Oregonians listed among all the Midwest entrants: Steven Peebles, of Redmond, and Austin Foss, of Terrebonne — both bareback riders.

As each rode their wildly bucking horse, I yelled, “Go Oregon!” (I have no illusions they heard me, but the people around me did, and I wanted them to know Oregon was there and would be counted!)

Imagine my delight when Foss earned a score of 83, which would have placed him in fourth place and in the money if there hadn’t been two sets of tied scores above him. But Peebles finished with an 88 to clinch first place! In my zeal, I involuntarily jumped up, arms raised, and screamed and yelled.

The Oregon boys had done us proud! Go Oregon!

Marilynn Lanig