Kreg Lindberg’s recent piece on off-leash trails appears to be based on some pretty thin logic. The same argument for equity for tax-paying, off-leash dog walkers to have equal access to public trails could be made for mountainbikers, horseback riders, ATV enthusiasts and motorcycle trail riders. The purpose of segmentation is to avoid user conflicts. If it were an ideal world, we would all play nicely in the sandbox together, and be kind, considerate and courteous to each other. Unfortunately, that is not the real world.

The suggestion that more vigorous law enforcement might reform the behavior of irresponsible dog owners is similarly inane. I suspect that there are higher priorities for Bend law enforcement than monitoring doggie poop on the city’s trails.

Areas for an off-leash experience abound all around the periphery of Bend. All that is required is the initiative to do the research and exploration.

And, incidentally, as a long-term resident of both Boulder, Colo., and Bend, I can attest to the fact that Boulder has nothing over Bend in terms of either lifestyle or amenities. They are both delightful places to live.

Joe Fullop