Well, as a visitor from Boston, I did enjoy myself — for a while. Your town is beautiful, walking along the river is a treat, the scenery and beer are great. I even (kind of) enjoyed shopping, but don’t tell my wife. All was well until I stepped out of a wonderful breakfast place to find a note on my car. Seems someone pulled in very tight next to me and decided to admonish me to be careful about dinging their nice new car — after all, mine was just a rental, but they were going to have their “dings or not for a long time.” At least they signed it “Enjoy Bend.” C’mon, really? With all of this natural beauty around you, you felt compelled to “stick it” to a visitor over a parking spot? How shallow. Perhaps next time you are worried about materialistic things you should go take a nice walk by the river and give thanks that you are fortunate enough to live in such a great place. And feel free to jump in.

Ken Herschfield