Here comes the sun.

The heat will be on the incline with predicted temps in the mid to upper 80s for the rest of the week. Expert higher use of recreational sites and trails.


Most wilderness trails are snow-free up to 5,800 feet with patchy snow beginning at approximately 5,700 feet. Heavy blowdown has been reported throughout trails with some having 50 trees per mile. Wilderness permits are required.

Ray Atkeson, Devils Lake and Todd Lake trailheads remain accessible with patchy snow within a half-mile above the trailheads. The Todd Lake area has patchy to 40 percent snow. North Fork Trail, above Tumalo Falls, is snow-free and cleared of blowdown. It is open to uphill riders only.

Road updates

The following are open: State Highway 46, the road to Paulina Peak, Road 16 to Three Creek Lake, access to Lava Lands, Road 21 into Newberry Caldera, Crescent Road 60 and Road 370, which is open from Highway 46 to the Todd Lake trailhead.