Some thoughts concerning a proposed bus fare increase: Will the current bus service improve by 33 percent with the proposed 33 percent fare increase? Will there be 33 percent more routes? Will the service time extend till 8 p.m. to match the 33 percent fare increase?

The bus service in Bend is awful. Forty minute frequency Monday through Friday is terrible. Eighty minute frequency — yes, over an hour — on Saturday is worse. Don't even bring up no bus service on Sundays. Forget about rail. Even though the passenger base for rail transit is, statistically, much more affluent than the passenger base for the bus system, why build now when the price will increase in the future?

The majority of people who ride the bus do not have another available option. I have no problem paying an increased fare if the service increases proportionally. Until bus service substantially improves, leave the fee for the poor service where it stands.

Brent Yonkovich