Peggy Noonan’s “No Ordinary Scandal” (Wall Street Journal, May 18-19) exposes, in great detail, the abuse of power the IRS exercised recently, though this is nothing new.

The 1972 Nixon administration was infamous for its “enemies’ list” and using the IRS as a weapon. Now the Treasury-IRS, whose head serves at the will of the president, has confessed to targeting conservative groups. Treasury used the application for a 501(c)4 nonprofit status to demand donor lists. You can bet those lists are on numerous government databases by now; stretching from Treasury to the EPA.

Juxtapose that against the fact that not a single progressive/liberal group was similarly targeted.

Like the sheriff of Nottingham, Treasury took up the cause of an administration believing they were above the law. The real problem is, they probably are.

In years past, the Wall Street Journal would send out a complex tax circumstance to 10 CPA firms and invariably would get back 10 different tax liabilities. This exercise revealed that IRS rules were arbitrary and could be interpreted at will. This gives Treasury the appearance of innocence in picking who gets audited.

Abolish the IRS. Go to a national sales tax. Citizens need to know they’re not at risk when opposing “Nottingham.”

Wayne Mayo