Cracking down on off-leash dogs

Published Jun 21, 2013 at 05:00AM

Bend Police Department Lt. Chris Carney recalls stepping out of his cruiser many times to see owners scrambling to leash their freely running dogs and avoid the $330 ticket that would follow.

“People in Bend know that their dogs should be on leashes,” he said. “We just want to remind them that the ordinance is out there and we are going to enforce it.”

The Police Department is going to increase enforcement of the leash law, according to a joint announcement Thursday by the police and Bend Park & Recreation District.

The park district received a noticeable number of complaints, causing them to bring the issue to the police. “I haven’t noticed too many dogs off their leash,” said Bend-resident Leanne Callihan while walking her dog around Farewell Bend Park. “But I would be more worried about how other dogs would react to mine because she’s little and gets excited.”

The district has seven off-leash dog parks to accommodate owners who prefer to let their pets roam free, as long as the dog is not aggressive.

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— Bulletin staff reports