Cooler conditions

Temperatures throughout the area are expected to be in the high 60s to low 70s with possible rain and snow showers at higher elevations.


As summer vacation season is upon us, expect a heavy increase in trail and lake use.

Lower elevation trails remain in good shape. The North Fork Trail above Tumalo Falls having minor patches of snow. Please avoid the trail for another week to prevent damage.

Newberry Caldera trails are mostly clear of logs, with Crater Rim Trail having patchy snow and various blowdown. Paulina Peak road access is now available. Trailers are not permitted.

Sixty percent of wilderness trails are snow-free with patchy to solid snow at approximately 5,800-6,200 feet. Various levels of blowdown remain throughout the trails as volunteers work to clear them. Three Sisters Wilderness, including the Pole Creek area, Chush Falls and Scott Pass trailhead still have limited access with road closures in effect until further notice. McKenzie Pass area trails are now available including Black Crater and Lava Camp Lake. They are all blocked by snow at higher elevations. Diamond Peak and Mount Jefferson areas have decent conditions with various levels of snow.

Green Lakes, Moraine Lake, Soda Creek and South Sister trails are currently not recommended for summer hiking due to solid snow starting at 5,900 feet. Crescent Ranger district is also not recommended with increasing snow levels at 5,800 feet.

Pacific crest trail update

The Pacific Crest Trail has limited trail clearing in progress with about 50 percent having various snow levels.