Americans are animal lovers. In fact, pets outnumber children four to one in the United States. More and more of us are becoming concerned about the treatment of animals in our food system as well, and for good reason. The overwhelming majority of hens used to lay eggs in this country come from hens that are crowded into cages so tiny they have about as much space as an iPad on which to spend their entire lives. As an animal-loving country, this is just unacceptable. The good news is there’s hope for these animals. The Egg Products Inspection Act, H.R. 1731, would require that egg laying hens have more space to move around and would create federal standards to ensure better treatment of these animals that are as unique and sensitive as the animals we love so dearly in our homes. I hope Rep. Greg Walden votes in support of it.

You can make your wishes known by contacting Walden at his Bend office.

Diana Hunter