I am just curious if anyone else has been “randomly” picked to be part of a voluntary survey called “Current Population Survey” by the U.S. Census Bureau, but separate from the census? In March, I received a letter prefaced by a call from a field representative, which we declined. She came to our house anyway, a total of four times. She told us that she would need to send our refusal to her Los Angeles regional director. This was followed by a letter from her saying how much government has given to us, how government can get us out of this mess and how corporations are responsible for high unemployment numbers. I contacted Rep. Greg Walden’s office and they stated that they had contacted L.A. to stop the survey. Two weeks later, we got another home visit from the field representative, as if they had never heard from Walden’s office.

On March 21, I received another letter from the Bureau, identical to the initial letter. I called the office and a person told me that it was not “possible” to take our name off their list because the program was set up in the halls of Congress this way. She actually told me if we do not wish to participate, just don’t answer the phone or door! I am not kidding. She then transferred me to another extension that did not answer.

What part of “no” do they not understand? I have contacted Walden’s office again.

Carol Orr