They did it again. Our children in Oregon’s Legislature have passed a bill into law, 43-15.

Senate Bill 444 states that it is a crime for the adult driver of a car to smoke while there are kids under 18 in the car.

Well now! A mom or dad is teaching their 16-year-old child to drive; they light up. The kid is driving the car. Mom or dad are passengers and smoking.

Again, two 17-year-olds are driving, they are taking two 12-year-olds to school.

Both teens are smoking. What good does this law do? This bill does not address enough. If you are going to ban smoking in a car, ban it all.

I don’t know what our lawmakers were smoking, but 43 of them didn’t have their heads on straight.

Our governor should consider this bill very carefully before signing it.

Mel Coffin

La Pine