Health workers want fraud training

Published Jun 14, 2013 at 05:00AM

A recent survey found more than half of current and former health care professionals would be willing to take part in classes on how to recognize whether an elderly person, particularly someone with cognitive difficulties, is the victim of investment fraud and financial exploitation.

Conducted by the Investor Protection Trust, the survey interviewed 600 general practitioners, specialists, nurses, surgeons and former health care providers from across the country. It found 28 percent of these professionals would be “very willing” to take a continuing medical education course about financial exploitation and 33 percent would be “somewhat willing” to take such a course.

The survey also found 84 percent of health care professionals would be willing to refer someone they suspected was the victim of financial exploitation to the proper authorities and that 91 percent of them thought older Americans were particularly vulnerable to this type of abuse.

— Mac McLean, The Bulletin

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