The federal government has been trying to find ways to balance the budget. I have a solution that may help. It is my belief that federal government employees have gasoline credit cards as well as free vehicles paid for by “We The People” that are intended for work-only use. Take away the cards and the cars, let them reach in their pockets and shell out $75 to $100 each time they fill up, then we will see if the politicians still want to hold hands with the big oil companies or are they finally willing to do something about the outrageous price of fuel. Until they have to decide, as we do, to either buy food or fuel, they are not going to do anything to change it. The savings of paying for their own cars and fuel would most likely pay off the national debt. Big oil is making record profits while we citizens are paying the price. Come on, Washington, for once do something to earn your checks.

Larry Pearce

La Pine