In regard to the front page headline in the May 30 Bulletin, “Tax hikes may go before voters,” this is a prime example of asking the 99 percent to vote in taxes against the 1 percent. Of course it is going to get voted in. Remember, a couple of years ago the government asked all the renters to vote in taxes for the Deschutes County sheriff’s levy that would be paid by all the homeowners. Of course the taxes got voted in; there are more renters than owners.

But think about the long-term effects of the unions eyeing the corporations for finding revenue solutions. There will be greater unemployment as corporations fire employees to pay an increased tax load. There will be greater inflation as corporations are forced to increase their prices to consumers. Corporations will be fleeing this country for other places with less overbearing government taxes, regulations and unrelenting unions.

Oh, and I wish the unions would stop playing the kid card. This is all about PERS, not K-12 classrooms.

Jeff Erickson