In the May 26 Bulletin on page B3, “Around the State,” the article on the GMO protests states “Genetically modified plants are grown from seeds engineered to resist insecticides and herbicides, add nutritional benefits ...” Only the second notation “resist herbicides” is true.

GMOs are engineered to resist herbicides; they do not resist insecticides, nor do they add nutritional benefit (if you mean nutritional value). One of the main problems with GMOs is they contain a systemic insecticide, possibly the main cause of bee hive collapse. If the insecticide within the GMOs is killing the bees and other pollinators, can anyone believe there is any added nutritional benefits in the product being grown?

The root purpose of the protest was to wake people up. I believe chemical companies’ ultimate goal is to own a patent on the seed of life. It already owns it on wheat, corn, soybeans and more.

Chemical companies are, in my opinion, responsible for a host of products that are not beneficial to any of us. For example, DDT (now banned from use), saccharine and Sweet ’N Low (both suspected of causing cancer), dioxin (another high powered insecticide that also kills people), enhanced Agent Orange (which resulted in killing and/or maiming many thousands of U.S. military and hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese), petroleum-based fertilizers (sterilize the soil resulting in the need for ever more of their synthetic fertilizers to grow plants), bovine growth hormone (who knows what that’s doing to our children?) and, last but not least, weed killers and the neonics just to name a few.

Before GMOs, farmers saved their best seed to plant the next harvest. Seed was traded among farmers so they could improve their harvests and improve the plants. Almost every country had its own seed bank. If a storm (of any sort) destroyed a crop, not all the crop would die out. Some would survive because the farmer would replant with the seed he had saved, and the cycle would start over again.

With chemical companies owning patents on many kinds of seeds, farmers can’t do that anymore. If his or her crop fails, a farmer has no choice but to go back to the chemical company and buy more seed. And we consumers who must purchase most of our food, without labeling, have no choice but to eat the GMOs that contain not only a systemic aversion to weed killers but also the systemic insecticides now present in the foods being grown. Those insecticides are suspected of being the main cause of death of Monarch butterflies and the honey bees that pollinate our crops. If they’re killing butterflies and bees, what do you suppose they are doing to us?

Like the overuse of antibiotics now producing “super bugs” we do not have the means to combat, the overuse of weed killers is producing “super weeds” resulting in use of more and more weed killer. Just as petroleum-based fertilizers sterilize the soil, resulting in using more and more petroleum-based fertilizers, a never-ending circle of cause and effect is established.

The government should not protect and should not allow the ownership of patents on the seeds of life nor keep that information from consumers. Farmers who choose to use genetically modified seeds should be required to so state. Consumers should be allowed to decide what to eat and feed our children. We should not be forced into buying GMO foods just because chemical companies and “big agri business” are greedy and want to make more money.

Bats, bees, and amphibians are disappearing at an alarming rate. Whatever other cause “they” try to sell us, poisoning by chemicals loosed into the environment has got to be at the top of the list.

The chemical companies know this and know if something is labeled GMO, most people won’t buy it.