In response to “Misleading letters” from John Poe and “Gun argument is illogical” from David Kline: Even with all the licensing, instructing and laws surrounding the use of a motored vehicle, the laws are constantly being broken: driving without license, drunken driving, street drug distribution, johns seeking prostitutes, kidnappings, bank robberies, drive-by shootings, freeway shootings and many other nefarious things. There is an astounding loss of life attached to all the crimes I’ve listed above in which a vehicle was used. Kline stated that the purpose of a gun is to destroy life, which is not true.

The purpose of a gun is defense, protection and provision of food. None of those things are evil, just as a car is not innately evil. In a society without personal restraint, the most benign object can be used to destroy. Like pressure cookers. Self-restraint and accountability cannot be legislated, and until we deal with the fundamental breakdown in our relativistic society, we will have a problem with violence perpetrated one way or another.

Eileene Werner