Day after day I read and hear news about thousands of our citizens that cannot find work and are on welfare and food stamps. On May 18, The Bulletin ran an article about our “Rising Seas.” On May 20, The Bulletin ran a front page article titled, “A large aquifer on its last legs.” Seas rising, Midwest farmers and large cities running out of water, thousands out of work and our government keeps spending our tax dollars on projects that keep going broke trying to come up with alternatives for gas and energy.

I have one simple solution: Quit handing out welfare money while getting no return. Put these people to work building desalination plants in the seas on our east, west and south coasts. Then build canals and install pipelines for the use of this water. This would solve the threatening high seas problem, create good water for everyone that needs it and put thousands to work on the project.

Set up camps like the CCC camps during the ’30s, hand out shovels, give welfare checks and food stamps only to those who work. Women who say they cannot work because they have children to care for could have one mother care for children of four or five other mothers. Then the women can rotate caring for the children and working. Get your shovels ready and go to work.

Olaf Bolken