Where were you on Saturday May 25, 2013, Bulletin reporters? I was participating in the March Against Monsanto protest in our fair city along with about 200 others.

We couldn’t be missed as we respectfully made our way from Pioneer Park, through downtown, along Franklin and Third streets and back to the park. We were supported by people in cars honking and waving, people on the street asking us what we were protesting. The next morning I bought the Sunday edition of The Bulletin thinking that I would see a great story and several pictures about this event.

Boy was I disappointed! There was no mention anywhere in your paper. This was a nationwide protest that was covered by our local TV station KTVZ 21. This was not a political protest, so it wasn’t about being on the left or the right of an issue.

This was about what is put in our food and not having the right to know about it. I had recently thought about renewing my subscription to your paper, but after this I can’t with good conscience support a “news” source that can’t cover something as big as this. I know it was a holiday weekend and news can be slow, but here was a great opportunity for you to report on something that affects every person in this town who buys and eats food.

Jody Oak