Recent accusations regarding the Obama administration are very troubling. And as facts emerge, those accusations appear more and more to have considerable accuracy, suggesting, or proving even, that serious substance is in play which moves this issue well beyond partisan politics.

Whether you are a fan of Obama’s administration or not makes no difference. The picture that is becoming more clear out of this controversy is a picture none of us should tolerate.

One obvious fallout is government trust and integrity. It’s one thing when politicians bicker and lie amongst themselves, but it’s another thing entirely when an administration resorts to deception such as what appears to have happened in Benghazi, or violating the tenants of freedom of the press by “investigating” certain reporters, or inappropriate targeting of political opposites by the IRS, or seizing without notice private emails in the name of national security — even though some of that may have been legitimate.

The axiom “your actions define you” is cast in stone and always will be. Also cast in stone is the notion that cream rises to the top; as does flotsam in a cesspool.

Al Phillips