Armed Forces Day, May 18th, went by without a mention in The Bulletin (not even in the Today in History Section). I realize that the whole town had come down with PPP fever, but I was really disappointed in not seeing anything mentioned in your paper. More surprisingly is that our town is still mourning Army Specialist Brandon Prescott, a fallen hero whose name just got etched onto our Wall of Heroes.

Thank you to the Mountain View Cadet Corps and other volunteers for putting up and taking down the flags downtown. As the Cadet Corps program for next year is in jeopardy at Mountain View, I can’t help but think that the same lack of respect that forgot to mention Armed Forces Day is the same one that doesn’t see the value in a program, such as Cadet Corps.

Please, let’s not just give lip service through the media. Make sure that all important events get at least a mention in The Bulletin.

Daphne McNeely