OK, is it time to march on Washington? How about organizing a trip, with buses, for next September. So that ordinary people can go to that huge overgrown government complex and let them know how we feel, what we are going through, why we think the government should shrink, why the IRS should not control health care and why the IRS should not target anybody (asking people what books their donors read, for example). You can’t make this stuff up!

On the way, the buses should stop at many newspaper offices to tell them what we’re doing (see if they want to send a reporter with the group). Be sure to widely advertise this trip so as many as can — or care — can sign up.

And by the way — it’s been suggested we should send tea bags (in their paper wrappers) to our congresspersons (along with a courteous letter) so they can have a sip of our favorite beverage — before it’s all dumped into the harbor.

Gail Denham