Julie Rothman / The Baltimore Sun

Stanley Levy from Baltimore was in search of the recipe for the cheesy potato casserole that he enjoyed at a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Pennsylvania. He said it reminded him of macaroni and cheese but instead of pasta it was made with potatoes.

Cracker Barrel graciously shared the recipe that originally came from the family of restaurant founder Dan Evins.

Do not thaw the potato shreds before using them and take care not to overmix or pack the mixture too tightly. Also, while the recipe says that the shredded cheese topping is optional, I think it is a must.


Machelle Drady from Palm Coast, Fla., said that a number of years ago, she ate what she thought were fried oysters but was in fact eggplant. She was hoping someone might know the secret to making faux fried oysters with cubed eggplant.