Olaf Bolken

I am writing this letter for two reasons. Very soon we will be having a special election. I am 76 years old and I have never, since I was 21 years old and registered to vote, missed an election. It bothers me a lot when, after an election, I read that we had somewhere in the vicinity of a 30 percent turnout. Especially in our state where all you have to do is fill in your ballot and mail it in. If you have not researched a certain measure, then skip that and vote on the ones you have researched.

That brings me to my second reason for this letter.

That is to give you some information on a very important Redmond School Board candidacy, seat number four.

I strongly support Lisa Klemp for this position, and here are the reasons why. There are two very important reasons to have the right person in this position. Number one is that that person is foremost concerned with the education of our children. And number two is that that person is also very aware of overburdened taxes that we face and will work hard to make sure our tax dollars are being well spent.

I have lived in Terrebonne for 42 years and all three of my children went through all 12 years of school in the Redmond School District. I served on the district budget committee at one time for three years and I know there are ways to cut spending and yet increase the quality of education. I was very involved with the school while my children attended and it paid off. But I also know that we need the right person to represent us and our children and I strongly feel Klemp fits that job very well.

I have known Klemp for a number of years and I feel strongly that she would serve not only the children but the whole community very well. She is very honest, hardworking, devoted and concerned about the education the children are receiving and about our community and the taxpayer. She is very highly educated and realizes what it takes to reach the goals she sets for herself. She also knows what the needs are in education and what kind of programs, and quality of teachers, it takes to have the children ready for college with a background that helps them move on to the next step in life. Through experience, she knows what kind of teachers we need to support and the tools those teachers need to do the best job in educating the children.

I have used Klemp in helping me with several land issues and other instances, and I can tell she is very concerned for the taxpayer and will work hard to make sure our dollars are spent wisely. When she says she will make it happen, she does not back down.

Not only do I know Klemp on a professional level, but we are friends. When she needs rocks to decorate her yard, she comes out to my small ranch and picks them up out of the pasture and takes them to her yard. She is not afraid to put in the extra hours, and I back her candidacy 100 percent.