There is one candidate for Redmond School Board who makes a lot of sense. He doesn’t talk in “educator-speak” or platitudes — instead he truly understands what many of our kids need to succeed after graduation. His name is Johnny Corbin.

Corbin is well-known for supporting improved vocational education in our schools. This makes a lot of sense considering that only 14 percent of the job vacancies in Central Oregon require more than a high school diploma (Oregon Employment Department, Fall 2012 Survey). He feels that most of Redmond’s educational efforts have been directed toward kids who want to attend college.

Corbin also wants the district to put more focus on the SMART Program (Start Making A Reader Today). Not all Redmond elementary schools have implemented this highly effective program — and Johnny believes they should. If a child learns to read “at grade level” beginning in elementary school, his or her chances for success in school and later in life are much greater.

Another advantage of electing Corbin is that, unlike his opponent, he does not draw a PERS pension. With Corbin, you can be sure there’s no potential “conflict of interest” when PERS matters are being discussed.

Vote for Corbin and get the enlightened, honest representation Redmond desperately needs.

Don Brigham