Proponents of Bend-La Pine Schools and 911 bond measures clamor that these measures are for the children and public safety. They are not for the children and public safety; they are to help fund PERS. Your no vote on these measures will help send a strong message to the public employee unions and legislators for the need to reform PERS.

If public officials did not have to pay such high amounts into the PERS system, there would be sufficient money in the school and public safety budgets. The outrageous PERS benefits have been documented many times in this paper, so it is unnecessary to repeat them here. A reasonable retirement system for public employees is desirable, but PERS (especially tier 1 and 2) is not reasonable, nor desirable.

Bond issues such as Measures 9-92 and 9-93 are one continuous line of measures put before the public because public unions and legislators are merely “kicking the can down the road” on PERS. We can expect fewer public works such as parks, road repairs, law enforcement, etc., and more tax increases through these types of bonds until PERS is reformed.

Please vote no on 92 and 93. It is the only way to get the unions’ and legislators’ attention to address a serious problem that needs to be fixed now.

Larry Hinkle